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August 24, 2018
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October 29, 2018

【360 ̊ all-rounded elimination of toxins!】

In our daily life, we have access to more than 80,000 kinds of chemicals. Toxins are harmful to humans, but they are more harmful to dogs. First, because dogs are much smaller than us in size, small amount of toxicity can pose a threat to them. Second, they often lick the ground and their body, which cause toxin accumulate in the bosy.


To eliminate the threat of toxins for your dog, you can reduce their exposure to toxin and excrete toxins from their body.


The 5 key points to eliminate exposure to toxin

  1. Feed high quality organic and non-genetically modified food

Inferior pet food may involve genetic modified ingredients, insecticides, hormones and other harmful chemicals in the food supply chain, leaving toxins in raw materials such as grains, poultry and lamb, causing side effects on dogs.

  1. Drink distilled water or filtered water

Bronze pipe is the main kind of pipe used in the water system of Hong Kong. The residue in the water pipe may lead to heart disease. The tap water is chlorinated and the chlorine combines with the organic matter remaining in the water to produce halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform, and many other carcinogenic compounds. Although filtered water is not 100% free of heavy metals, together with other detoxification measures can minimize the effects of toxins on dogs.

  1. Clean home with natural detergent

Dogs always love to sleep on the ground, also love to lick their toes and the floor. If you use chemical cleaners in daily household cleaning and do not wash them thoroughly with water, the toxins will remain in the home environment and harm your dog.

  1. Use organic, chemical-free pet shampoo

Some pet shampoos contain preservatives, petroleum materials and artificial colors etc., which endanger the health of dogs. Therefore, you must carefully read the product label before making purchase, and do not choose those contain artificial preservatives or spices as the principle.

  1. Select toys without BPA and phthalates

Dogs like to play catching games with their owners. However, many plastic and rubber toys on the market contain BPA and phthalate, which are harmful to the body, so it is difficult for dogs to avoid toxins during play.