【Special care requirements for pets in winter】
February 14, 2019
【Enhance kidney function in time!】
February 14, 2019

【Attention! Up to 50% chances for cats suffering from kidney degeneration!】

Cats were used to live in dry deserts, and they obtain what they need through hunting. Their bodies can effectively use very little water and discharge concentrated urine, so they can survive even without drinking much water. Yet, for indoor cats, they mostly eat dry food with only about 10% water, so they can’t get enough water, which greatly increases the burden on the urinary system. In winter, it is even worse, because water becomes cold and their willingness to drink water is reduced, further increasing the burden on the kidneys and increasing the risk of urinary system diseases such as kidney failure.


According to statistics, about 20% to 50% of cats over the age of 15 suffer from kidney degeneration, and “chronic renal failure” refers to the inability of the kidneys to function properly due to a decline in renal function. Kidney is very important in maintaining body balance. It not only regulates the body’s water and electrolytes, acid-base balance, but also regulates blood pressure and helps with hematopoiesis. In addition, it also plays a role in endocrine function in bone metabolism. The kidneys filter the toxins in the blood and remove the toxic waste from the body by metabolism. Like us, cats also have two kidneys to continuously make urine and transport it to the bladder via the ureter. When the urine is accumulated to a certain amount, the cat will feel the urge to urinate and excrete the urine through the urethra. One way to reduce the risk of urinary tract disease is to encourage cats to drink more water to reduce the burden on the kidneys and urinary system.


—Recommended daily drinking amount—

3kg cat: 190ml

4kg cat: 240ml

5kg cat: 280ml

6kg cat: 320ml


Apart from drinking water, pet owners could also provide natural herbal supplements at the same time to help kidneys maintain at healthy condition.