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August 24, 2018
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August 24, 2018

【Can cats and dogs take human health products? 】

There has been a saying that pets can take our health care products directly. However, just the body and weight alone, cats and dogs are significantly different from us, not to mention how much their body structure is different from humans!


【Falsehood (1) – they can take our health products if the intake amount is cut to a half】

Asian adult males are generally 8 times or more than the weight of a small dog and 15 times or more compared to a cat! Moreover, the concentration of active ingredients in human health care products is much higher than that required for cats and dogs, so there is still a problem of excessive doses in half of the weight.


【Falsehood (2) – they can digest our health products】

We are very different from the digestive system of. Their gastric acidity is higher than ours (the smaller the number, the higher the acidity), and the length of the intestines of adults is about 1.7 times and 4 times than that of dogs and cats respectively, implying they are very different from our digestion and absorption capacity.


To sum up, if you give the general human health care products directly to cats and dogs, it is easy to have health problems, and even cause excessive dosage or toxicity accumulation in the body, which is a potential poisoning crisis.


Although there is no obvious characterization in the early stage of chronic poisoning, it is harmful to cats and dogs in the long run, and their body function needs to recover for a long time. If the problem is serious, it may not be healed. Therefore, the owners should not let the pets take human health products!