【Q&A: All rounded liver protection for dogs】
July 19, 2019
【Help the dog to feel young】
July 19, 2019

【Catch the time to love your pets until the end】

It is said that 1 year of time of a dog equals to 7 years of ours. It is our destiny to see our beloved furry friends to grow up, get old and lastly die. Separation is always sad to accept, but all we wish is our pets could enjoy their days until the end of life.


How can we keep them healthy and happy? First of all, we should be mentally prepared for the common health problems of senior pets, such as cancer, heart disease, kidney/urinary tract disease, liver disease, diabetes, joint problems etc. We should pay close attention to the related symptoms and seek for veterinarian’s advice on how to take care of senior pets. Below are several common tips for you to take care of senior pets:


  • Thorough body check should be conducted every six months, which may include dental care, blood test reports etc. 
  • Diet and Nutrition: senior pets usually need foods that are easier to digest, and the calorie levels, ingredients, and anti-aging nutrients of the food may be different from those of younger life stage. You should also provide relevant health care products for them.
  • Weight control: Overweight increases the risk of health problems.
  • Parasites and disease control: the immune system of senior pets is not as strong as when they are young, so all-rounded parasite control and vaccination could help fight against disease or help wound healing.
  • Regular exercise: proper amount of exercise helps build muscles while exploring the outside world helps keep them curious and energetic
  • Environment: avoid large-scale home changes as much as possible, but add senior pet-friendly furniture such as pet stairs to reduce their joint burdens


It is a sad to say goodbye to our furry friends, but it is also the fact that we have to face it in the future. Treasure every minute and every second with them is the pet owner’s wish. Let us help our pets to build up healthy body foundation early, as to slow down aging and live happily until that day comes.