【Refuse to turn your dog into “urban dog”】 
March 20, 2018
【Pay attention to asthma of cats and dogs】
March 20, 2018

【Cats breathe with their mouth open represents a serious chronic disease!】

If you often observe your cat breathe with mouth open, heavy breathing or asthma, it may imply your cat is suffering from chronic disease.


Bronchial disease:


Cats are prone to bronchitis due to viral infections. Chronic bronchitis is common among cats. In the beginning, there will be “breathe with mouth open” and “asthma”, then coughing. In severe cases, the body temperature will rise to 40 ° C, and begin have breathing difficulties. If medical treatment is not provided on time, the cat may even die.


High risk cat breeds – Ragdoll, Siamese cats


Cardiovascular diseases:


Because of genes or aging problem, it is easy to find cats suffering from Cardiovascular diseases. According to statistics, about 7.5% of cats are suffering from this disease. Cats are not suitable to play for long time, it is suggested to take a break every 15 minutes. Non-stop playing will increase the burden of heart, which may lead to “breathe with mouth open” and “asthma”. In the long run, the heart will become weaker and weaker, and may escalate to cardiovascular disease.


High risk cat breeds –Ragdoll, Maine, American Shorthair, British Shorthair and Scottish Fold etc.


You may provide natural herbal supplements for your cat to stimulate immunity, strengthen respiratory system and fortify the health of heart.