【Attention! Up to 50% chances for cats suffering from kidney degeneration!】
February 14, 2019
【Does your cat have the following symptoms?】
February 14, 2019

【Enhance kidney function in time!】

Chronic renal failure is usually the result of a disease or kidney damage for many years, such as contact with toxic substances, trauma or normal aging. The terrible thing about kidney failure is that the kidney damage is irreversible. Kidneys will gradually become unable to effectively remove the waste in the blood, which eventually leads to chronic renal failure. Although the kidneys are constantly exposed to various toxins and their functions will be slowly lost… but in fact, the kidneys can maintain normal functioning as long as they maintain more than a quarter of their functions. Therefore, how to detect kidney disease early and how to avoid it is very important!


Drinking water helps to dilute the urine and reduce the burden on the kidneys and urinary system. Here are five tips for encouraging cats to drink!


  1. Provide water along the cat’s activity route
  2. Use cat’s favorite drinking water container 
  3. Provide room temperature water or warm water according to weather
  4. Prepare meat soup
  5. Feed water through a feeding syringe


Apart from drinking water, pet owners could also provide natural herbal supplements at the same time to help kidneys maintain at healthy condition.