【Catch the time to love your pets until the end】
July 19, 2019
October 30, 2020

【Help the dog to feel young】

In the past, when you went out for a walk, you were always pulled by your dog. But now, every time you take a few steps, you have to stop and wait for it to catch up. It is obvious that the dog is not as energetic as when it was young. Although the dog will enter the senior age soon, depending on diet and exercise habits, it can also help slow down aging.


Pay attention to diet and weight

Obesity can easily lead to diabetes, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure and arthritis, which will reduce the quality of life. You should choose the right dog food according to the life stage of the dog. For example, senior dogs should have a low-fat and high-fiber diet. You should also feed the recommended amount as shown on the dog food package to avoid excessive calorie intake. At the same time, you need to regularly record the weight of your dog to ensure a healthy body condition.


Try providing nutritional supplements

Senior dogs have reduced absorptive capacity and immunity, and face many health problems such as arthritis and heart disease, so nutritional supplements are a must for them.


Keep the right amount of exercise

Moderate exercise can help maintain muscle mass. In order to avoid unnecessary stress on the muscles and joints of the dog, it is necessary to adjust the amount of exercise. For example, walking 20 minutes a day is much more comfortable than running for two hours on weekends.


Keep your dog’s curiosity

Canine cognitive dysfunction (brain degeneration/dementia) is a senior dog behavioral disease that is similar to human senile dementia and is common in dogs over the age of 12. The symptoms are mainly reflected in changes in behavior and mood, such as loss of direction, anxiety, alertness, or decreased activity. When the dog’s lifestyle is lacking of stimulation, the chance of getting the disease increases.