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February 8, 2018
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February 20, 2018

How to take care of senior dogs?


It is difficult for senior dogs to adapt with new things, therefore please avoid changing the living environment, living habits and foods suddenly in order to help them feel comfortable and safe. In addition, senior dogs require a long period of sleeping time and sleeping quality is important, please do not disturb them while sleeping.


Because of deterioration of heart, liver, kidney and digestive functions of senior dogs, as well as gradually fall-off of teeth, content of salt, protein and calories in the diet should be minimized. Soft and easily digestible food should be given and it is better to separate into few meals a day. In addition, natural supplements could be provided to help strengthen immunity and cardiovascular system function, also to slow down aging.


Moderate level of exercises could help slow down aging, improve blood circulation, maintain joint elasticity and prevent obesity. Dog owners can use different toys to encourage the dog to move around. Yet, vigorous activities are not suitable for senior dogs, especially those which suffer from heart disease. Their owners should shorten the length of time for each exercise. Besides, please avoid outdoor exercises then the weather is too cold or too hot .

Body Checks

Dog owners should take their senior dogs to veterinary clinic and conduct thorough body check at least once a year.


Senior dogs may lose self-cleaning ability. Frequent brushing helps remove dead hair and reduce the formation of hair balls. In addition, please check their ears regularly and ears could be cleaned with a cotton swab if necessary.


Pet owners should speak to senior dogs more frequently, as to reduce their anxiety level.