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Milk Thistle belongs to the Asteraceae family of flowering plants. It is commonly used as a source of food and a kind of herbal medicine for nourishing liver. Over the past 2 millenniums, Europeans have been using Milk Thistle seeds as herbal medicine for protecting liver and nourishing gall bladder. The whole parts of the plant of Milk Thistle can be taken as food without any reports of poisoning. In German, Milk Thistle are used to treat blockage of bile duct while Silibinin in Milk Thistle is proven to be effective in alleviating liver problems.


Milk Thistle is considered a source of food and herbal medicine with neutral energy. Its fruits and seeds both have medicinal value. Its major ingredient, silymarin, can repair and strengthen the membrane structure of liver cells to block the entry of toxins into the liver cells and at the same time stimulate the regeneration of liver cells to protect the liver. Proven in clinical experiments, silymarin can increase the solubility of bile. As an anti-oxidant, silymarin can also reduce the damage of long-term medication to liver cells. Silibinin in silymarin can balance the cholesterol level through increasing the solubility of bile. Although silymarin is effective in nourishing gall bladder, the secretion and flow of bile can cause loose stool. Proven by medical research in which high dosage of silymarin has been administered to mice, rabbits and dogs and no poisoning effect has been reported, silymarin has shown no toxicity.

Nutritional Value

The main ingredient of Milk Thistle is silymarin. Its major benefit is to protect liver, suppress the substances that can harm liver, stimulate regeneration of damaged liver cells while enhancing liver detoxification. Moreover, silymarin is a strong anti-oxidant to maintain the normal functioning of liver and protect liver cells from the harm of free radicals.


According to European research, Milk Thistle promotes bile secretion and stimulates the growth of liver cells to replace old, damaged cells to protect liver from damages and to enhance liver functions. Proven by many clinical experiments, Milk Thistle extracts show the following benefits:

Treatment for Liver Damage Caused by Viruses

Silymarin can rejuvenate damaged liver cells, enhance the level of blood proteins while lowering the level of liver enzymes.

Treatment for Gallstones

According to recent research, silymarin can increase the solubility of bile, lower the cholesterol concentration in bile and lower the concentration of bile to effectively treat gallstones.

Regulate Abnormal Liver Functions and Improve Skin Allergy

Silymarin can suppress the formation of leukotriene and improve liver functions. It can suppress the circulation of toxins through filtering out the toxins in blood to improve the problem of skin allergies.

Key Benefits
  • Effective in protecting liver and repairing damaged liver cells, stimulating regeneration of new liver cells as replacement of old, damaged cells to revive normal functions of liver.
  • Reduce the damage to liver caused by western medicines and long-term medication for chronic diseases.
  • Regulate liver enzymes back to normal level.
  • Enhance liver detoxification and anti-oxidation.
  • The anti-oxidizing property of Silymarin is 10 times higher than Vitamin E.