Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps Formula Soft Chews for Cats

Product Features

Pioneering Soft Chew Formula for Easy Feeding

The formula was developed in a research center in the United States, customized for the absorption ability of cats’ intestines. The carefully selected chicken breast from America is marinated in the preciously extracted powder of outstanding Cracked Ganoderma Spore and Cordyceps. It uses low temperature baking in a special instrument for the soft chew formula to ensure the preservation of the active ingredients with full absorption. The soft chew formula can effectively enhance the palatability for easy feeding.

Suitable for Cats with Sensitive Digestive System

The formula is compiled with single protein source and low calories. It has no artificial coloring, grain, gluten and ethoxyquin. Most importantly it will not cause overweight problem in long-term usage and is absolutely suitable for cats which are over 6 months with sensitive digestive system.

Hexagonal Soft Chews

The soft chew formula is designed to suit the oral structure and chewing habit of cats. Moreover, it is high in palatability and can attract cats which are picky eaters or resist capsule and medicine powder.


Cosset Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps Formula Soft Chews for Cats (70 soft chews)

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Cosset Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps Formula Soft Chews for Cats (180 soft chews)

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Product Ingredients

Active Ingredients

Cracked Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps (contains not less than 20% polysaccharides)

Major Inactive Ingredients

Chicken Liver, Salmon Oil

Made in USA

Product Overview

The formula is natural pet food, tailor-made for the general health condition of cats. The pioneering soft chew formula effectively raises the palatability, eliminating the difficulty of feeding picky cats with supplements.

Combining Ganoderma Spore and Cordyceps for All-rounded Benefits

Cracked Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps are rich in cordyceps acid, polysaccharides, cordycepin, adenosine, ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides and triterpenoids, etc to enhance cellular immunity of cats, smooth trachea, improve respiratory system and alleviate bronchial problems. Prolonged usage of the formula can balance the body functions of cats and build up a strong body foundation.

Ingredients of Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum)

Supported by modern medical proof, Lingzhi naturally contains polysaccharides, germanium, triterpenoids, adenosine and various micronutrients. Its organogermanium compound content is 4-6 times higher than Ginseng which make it effective to protect the normal cells of pets, improve cats’ immunity, strengthen liver function, raise the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood and enhance blood circulation to boost the overall pet’s energy level and improve their appetite.

Ingredients of Cordyceps

Cordyceps are rich in protein, cordyceps acid, adenosine, polysaccharides, alkaloids, vitamins and 19 kinds of amino acids, focusing in invigorating kidney and lung and improving the overall respiratory system and alleviating bronchial problems. The combination of Lingzhi and Cordyceps can effectively regulate the sick syndromes of cats and improve their overall health conditions. Long-term usage can slow down the aging process and keep cats under a youthful health condition.

Enhanced Formula

In order to improve the palatability of the soft chew formula, more kinds of superb inactive ingredients including chicken liver and salmon oil have been added to the soft chews to let owners keep their picky cats energetic and healthy in an easy way. Moreover, the proportion of Cracked Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps active ingredients is increased, so as to enhance the effectiveness of the product to build up a consolidated foundation of a strong physique for your beloved cats.

Product Benefits

Cracked Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps are rich in cordyceps acid, polysaccharides, cordycepin, adenosine, ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides and triterpenoids, etc. Supported by various efficacy proofs, functions of Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps are as below:

1. Stimulate and Adjust Immunity

Intensify the immune system of cats, reduce the chance of viral infection and incidence. Infection is a leading cause of death for cats, such as feline infections peritonitis and feline viral rhinotracheitis. Once infected, the virus will remain dormant in the body instead of being eliminated. When the immunity of cats weakens, the virus will be activated again.

2. Adjust the Functions of Kidney, Reduce the Chance of Getting Chronic Renal Failure

Strengthen kidney, help damaged kidney on self-repairing, so as to avoid renal failure or lower urinary tract diseases, as well as to alleviate the damage to kidney due to the intake of antibiotics or other medicines. The urine concentration of cats tends to be high. The burden of cats’ kidney is therefore heavy and tends to be overused in the long run, which will eventually cause the problem of chronic renal failure.

3. Fortify the Health of Heart against Hyperglycemia, Hyperlipidemia and Hypertension

Effectively help on blood vasodilation, lower cholesterol, lipoprotein and triglycerides level, restrain the release of fatty acid, so as to keep the appropriate level of blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood glucose level. Also, it increases myocardial oxygen and energy supply and reduce the chance of getting heart diseases.

4. Strengthen Respiratory System and Improve Asthma

Suppress histamine and allergies, smooth trachea, and alleviate sensitive asthma or other respiratory illnesses, such as Bronchitis.

5. Control Diabetes

Protect overweight, senior and ligated male cats from getting diabetes. It can also replace insulin to suppress the release of fatty acid and enhance the consumption of glucose to regulate blood glucose level and alleviate the problem of glucose in urine.

6. Adjust Metabolism, Enhance Hair Follicles and Slow Down Hair Color Fading

Regulate and maintain the moisture of skin. Enhance and keep hair healthy and shiny, soothe problems such as hair color fading.

7. Alleviate the Side Effects during Cancer Treatment

Protect normal cells and ensure that they will not be affected by western medicines, chemotherapy and radiation therapy and reduce the corresponding side effects.

Suggested Daily Usage

Weight Prevention and Health Protection Convalescence or Remedy
Up to 5Kg 3pcs 4pcs
5Kg – 8Kg 5pcs 6pcs
8Kg above 6pcs 8pcs

Portions can be divided between morning and evening. Provide fresh water at all times.

Feeding Guidelines

  1. Feed directly
  2. Mix with food and feed together

Comparison between the Soft Chew Formula and Formula for Senior Cats

Soft Chew Formula Formula for Senior Cats (Capsule)
Format Hexagonal Soft Chews Capsules – Powder
Active Ingredients Both with Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps, but depending on the life stages and the constitution of different cats, the proportion and the extracting method vary accordingly
Inactive Ingredients With chicken liver, salmon oil and other ingredients in order to enhance the palatability No inactive ingredients
Especially suitable for Cats which are 6 months old or above and are picky eaters Cats which have difficulties in chewing or with poor absorption due to sensitive digestive system; or suffer from long term diseases (senior age, just recovered from serious disease or after surgery)