【Slow down aging of dogs by liver care】
August 24, 2018
【Can cats and dogs take human health products? 】
August 24, 2018

【Rainy season is coming! Why my dog’s skin condition turns bad?】

Hong Kong is always wet and rainy in June, skin-related issues of dogs often become the biggest nightmare for dog owners. Eczema, seasonal allergies, skin redness and skin fungus infections are endless, but Western medicine cannot improve the problem. Some veterinarians even provide steroids, which lead to the chance of immune system decline, hair loss, diabetes, liver disease and kidney disease.


In fact, in addition to the environmental problems such as weather, accumulated toxins in the body may be also a factor leads to skin problems.

Toxins hidden in everyday life:

  • Contact with harmful substances:
  • Regular use of killing supplies
  • Long-term use of medicines
  • Drink unfiltered tap water

Bad living habits:

  • Drink insufficient water
  • Habitual not urinating
  • Insufficient exercise


If your dog has the above habits, toxins may have accumulated in the body, causing long-term skin problems and other health problems. If problems are not treated in time, there is a chance to cause permanent damage to liver function or other serious complications!


Our Liver Care Detox Formula for dogs is composed of different natural herbal ingredients which are effective in protecting the liver with the below key benefits:


  • Alleviate skin problems and other symptoms due to excessive toxins in the body, such as skin redness, itchiness, dryness, peeling skin, skin rashes, abnormal color fading of hair and eye discharge.
  • Purify blood and help remove toxins and chemical substances from the body.
  • Remove body wastes, relieve the burden of liver, strengthen liver detoxification and alleviate the symptoms of toxin accumulation.
  • Stimulate intestinal absorption and metabolism, lower cholesterol level, promote bile secretion, prevent gallstones and protect gall bladder.
  • Prevent glycogen storage disease, fatty liver disease and liver cirrhosis.
  • Enhance dogs’ anti-inflammatory reaction and anti-oxidation function.