【The silent dog killer – Liver Disease】
March 17, 2018
【Cats breathe with their mouth open represents a serious chronic disease!】
March 20, 2018

【Refuse to turn your dog into “urban dog”】

People have a lot of “urban diseases”, but have you ever heard of “urban dogs”?


To see if your beloved dog is an “urban dog” or not, let’s check how many of the below statements match with your dog.

– Lack of exercise

– Insufficient water intake

– Often eat processed foods


The above habits may lead to toxin accumulation in dogs’ body!

Here are 3 recommended detoxification methods:


  1. Increase the amount of exercise and intake of enough water: promote metabolism in the body, excrete waste
  2. Eat less processed products and feed fresh food: reduce absorption of chemical components, avoid accumulation of toxins in the body
  3. Take reliable detoxification and liver care products: strengthen liver function and accelerate decomposition of toxins


After improving the diet, the dog has the opportunity to have a short-term detoxification reaction: bad breath, body odor, skin itching, etc.