【Improper storage of dry food may lead to rise in liver index】
April 11, 2019
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July 19, 2019

【Skin symptoms could be the alarm for liver problems】

Symptoms of liver damages are not obvious at the beginning of the disease and are easily confused with other diseases such as decreased in appetite and weight loss, thirsty, vomiting and wilting, abdominal swelling. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the dog has liver disease, and sometimes it can be understood by observing the health of the skin.


In general, dogs have the opportunity to have dry, itchy, dry dead skin, scabs etc. At the early stages of liver disease, one of the most difficult problems to detect liver disease early is that the owner and the veterinarian often mistakenly believe that the pet is suffering from skin disease or allergies. Therefore, only medicines or health supplements for treating skin diseases are provided to try to control the disease. However, misdiagnosis of the wrong medicine is not effective in comforting the skin problem, and some oral medicines are very harmful to the liver, and even have the opportunity to cause liver dysfunction, and the health condition is even worse.


If the pet has been treated for skin diseases or allergies for a while but has not seen any significant improvement, the owner can take the dog to the veterinary clinic for thorough examination and regular blood tests to understand the body index and find out the root cause of skin problems. 


If a dog is unfortunately suffering from liver disease, of course, it is necessary to take liver-protecting medicines or health care products. The earlier you help your beloved pet build up a healthy body foundation, the more effective to help them prolong their health and happiness.