【The key to save liver is bile】
March 20, 2018
【Rainy season is coming! Why my dog’s skin condition turns bad?】
August 24, 2018

【Slow down aging of dogs by liver care】

Many dogs have chronic health problems. Usually when the symptoms are seen,

It may be already escalated to visceral failure. According to statistics, there are about 85,000 kinds of chemicals in our daily living environment, and dogs can’t avoid all kinds of heavy metals. If the dog is exposed to excessive toxicity in a long run, it will increase the burden to their heart and may cause the organ degeneration.


Our Liver Care Detox Formula for dogs contains extract of Artichoke, which promotes liver cell function and bile secretion, protects the liver from damage and has diuretic function. The formula also contains Milk Thistle which has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation and anti-spasm characteristics, which can promote liver detoxification and bile secretion. It also helps reduce the chance of suffering from liver cirrhosis, and strengthens the functions of liver cell regeneration.