【Invisible Pet Killer in Autumn and Winter】
February 14, 2019
【Attention! Up to 50% chances for cats suffering from kidney degeneration!】
February 14, 2019

【Special care requirements for pets in winter】

The temperature has dropped significantly these days, pet owners should pay special attention to pets’ health condition! Sudden temperature difference and humidity change can easily lead to cardiovascular disease in cats and dogs. In addition, improper eating habits can cause excessive accumulation of fat and cholesterol in the blood vessels of the heart, causing vascular blockage and metabolic load, and increasing the risk of disease!


When it is cold, vasoconstriction worsens blood circulation. Therefore, pets with cardiovascular disease are easy to be lack of energy, fatigue, trembling or have difficulty in breathing etc. In severe cases, they may even faint or die. Their heart disease can be divided into four levels.


The first level refers to high risk group of heart disease, which may only have a slight deterioration of cardiopulmonary function.


The second level means pets may easily get tired, have difficulty to breathe or decreased in physical strength is observed etc.


The third level may imply heart failure symptoms, such as cough, respiratory failure and even fainting.


The fourth level means it is difficult to control the disease by medicines, and repeated symptoms of heart failure such as severe wheezing, difficulty in breathing, prone to fainting etc. are observed.


Pet owners do not have to worry too much. Weight management and regular exercise can help prevent pets from suffering from cardiovascular disease, and providing natural health supplements could help them build up a healthy body foundation.