【Do you know how old are the longest living dog and cat?】
January 8, 2018
【Attention! Those who keep several cats please look here!】
February 8, 2018

【The 4 invisible killers for liver】

Liver disease is a common illness among all the dog breeds. Dogs which have liver disease would be water-demanding, unwilling to eat and depressed. If it is too late to realize the problem, it may even escalate to brain illnesses or Cirrhosis.


Let’s look into the 4 potential problems damaging the liver:

  1. Biliary problems: Liver and biliary are co-related. Biliary obstruction, cholangitis, biliary hepatitis, gallstones, abnormal bile circulation, bile retention, all may lead to chronic liver disease.


  1. Over-accumulation of copper in the body: Excessive intake of copper will increase the burden of liver. Environmental pollution, or high level of copper content in commercial dog foods are samples of reasons leading to copper accumulation.


  1. Poisoning: It is difficult to avoid all kinds of chemicals at home, such as bleach and cigarettes. Flea products, medications, tick prevention etc may also contain toxins.


  1. Cholesterol: Pay attention to fatty liver problem caused by cholesterol, especially for the dogs which are obese.