【Non-stop coughing of your furry friends in early Autumn?】
October 29, 2018
【Invisible Pet Killer in Autumn and Winter】
February 14, 2019

【The side-effects of medicines which soothe cough】

Recently, the temperature in Hong Kong has dropped significantly, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is also obvious, which usually stimulates pets to cough. There are many reasons for them to cough, including upper respiratory diseases, lower respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases. When you hear them coughing occasionally, you may not worry too much, because cough is a kind of protective mechanism mainly used to remove foreign bodies in the respiratory tract, but if it turns into a persistent severe cough, the owner should consult veterinarian as soon as possible.


In order to find out the direction of treatment, veterinarians often need a lot of budy check figures to understand the cause, for example:


  • Blood cell test
  • Heartworm screening
  • X-ray examination
  • Thoracic ultrasound
  • Stool inspection

Before the body check report is completed, veterinarian may give some medicines to temporarily relieve the condition, but you must first understand their side-effects on the health of your pet.


Everyone must understand that improper feeding of medicine may make the situation worse. If you only wish to provide daily health care to your pet, as to prevent and relieve cough, asthma and respiratory allergies, you may consider giving natural and mild herbal health products to your pet.