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March 8, 2018
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March 20, 2018

【The silent dog killer – Liver Disease】

Liver is a very important organ which is responsible for filtering blood, secreting bile, detoxifying and storing sugar.


However, liver is also one of the organs which is the most difficult to be found malfunctioning, liver problems are usually discovered until the blood test is conducted.


One of the main causes of liver disease in dogs is the accumulation of toxins: insecticides, flea products, heavy metals in the environment and xanthine toxin in feed. All of these could damage to the dog’s liver. In addition, many kinds of drugs can hurt the liver as well. When the liver loses its function, the dog will become seriously ill, or even to death. Therefore, the owner must pay special attention!


Since the main cause of liver disease is the accumulation of toxins, healthy daily habits should be developed!

Increase exercise and intake enough water

take liver health products


Our Liver Care Detox Formula for Dogs is composed of all natural herbal ingredients, to relieve skin problems caused by excessive toxins in the body help excrete the toxins accumulated in the body. It enhances liver detoxification and is especially suitable for those who have regular use of dripping products and long-term use of drugs.