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February 14, 2019
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April 11, 2019

【Why do dogs always have body and mouth odor?】

Many dog ​​owners have reflected that the dog’s body odor is getting worse, especially for dogs over 10 years old. The problem is annoying. If the dog also has mouth odor problem, it is even worse, brushing the dog’s teeth every day may not be effective in reducing the odor. The correct way to remove the odor of the dog is not to use the chemical shower gel to cover the smell, but to start from the root of the problem!


Pets contact with toxins unconsciously every day. Food, water, medicines etc. may contain toxins. Liver is used to filter the toxins in blood, therefore it is highly susceptible to serious damage from toxins. When the liver is damaged, or because of aging and slower metabolism, the liver detoxification function will be degraded. When toxins are ingested faster than detoxification, toxins accumulate in the body, which in turn causes odors in the body and mouth. Because odor is a health warning signal from the internal organs, bathing and brushing teeth could not solve the problem in the long run. 


Therefore, it is necessary to protect the liver and help its detoxification function return to normal. Milk thistle has significant medicinal value and has been used for more than 2,000 years in medicine. As a well-known liver tonic, the silymarin contained in it is very beneficial to pets. It not only prevents liver damage, but also helps repair liver function and achieve long-term liver protection.


Our Liver Care Detox Formula for Dogs contains Milk Thistle which has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation and anti-spasm characteristics, which can promote liver detoxification and bile secretion. It also helps reduce the chance of suffering from liver cirrhosis, and strengthens the functions of liver cell regeneration.