【Your furry friends are surrounded with poisons】
March 7, 2018
【The silent dog killer – Liver Disease】
March 17, 2018

【Why your dog is always tired and not willing to eat?】

To find out the clue, you may refer to your dog’s liver function index, which is part of the body check report. If the index is high, your dog may be suffering from Hepatitis. You may find the below descriptions for your reference.


“Hepatocyte necrosis” indicators: 

Include AST (also known as GOT) and ALT (also known as GPT). AST and ALT are two kinds of transaminase in blood, which is actually the “liver inflammatory index”; inflammation of the liver can lead to an increase in ALT; and viral hepatitis, myocardial infarction, muscle inflammation or hemolysis may increase the AST value.


“Biliary obstruction” indicators: 

Include Bilirubin index and AKL.P Alkaline phosphatase index. Both Bilirubin and AKL.P are excreted in the bile by hepatic metabolism. When the bile duct is blocked, Bilirubin and AKL.P are raised, a harbinger of jaundice, or inflammation of the liver.