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February 20, 2018
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March 8, 2018

【Your furry friends are surrounded with poisons】

In the early days, it was found that “Fipronil”, a famous insecticide, was contained in eggs sold in Hong Kong. Everyone was worried about the poisoning issue, but do you know that “Fipronil” is common to be found in flea products as well?


Fipronil’s killing target is very broad, from ticks, bees, ants to crustaceans. While this chemical is usually to be used in agriculture, you may also find it in flea products for pet easily. 


Around 10% of the flea products contains Fipronil. Although it can quickly and effectively kill the insects on pet, there is no doubt that you should be concerned about long-term dripping or improper use of the product may lead to toxin accumulation in the body, which will adversely affect the health of liver in a large extent.


Please also consider doing the follows in order to protect the health of your furry friends.

– Regularly exercise with your dog

– Encourage your dog to drink water

– Provide reliable liver care products, in order to excrete and decompose toxins